Features of work in our company

For students of specialized specialties, our company offers practical training, organization of excursions in all industrial complexes of the plant, the possibility of studying additional programs, topics initiated by a trainee and the possibility of subsequent employment.

The preference of JSC Uralgidromash is given to the following universities of the Ural region:

* UrFU, Mechanical Engineering Institute,

* UrFU, Ural Energy Institute,

* UGGU, Mining and Mechanical Department,

* UGLTU (Technological machines and equipment),

* UrGUPS (Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering),

* SUSU, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology (Department of Hydraulics and Hydropneumatic Systems), Chelyabinsk.

Design engineers work in our company in a new office building; master modern CAD software - such programs as TCE, NX; they are engaged in 3D-design of pumps and water turbines using new technologies, working on modern technology. There are many young specialists at the enterprise, including in the Department of the Chief Designer. The enterprise has developed a youth movement. Youth Council of JSC Uralgidromash arranges cultural and entertainment events for factory workers and their families: trips to theaters, an aquapark, rafting on a mountain river, visiting natural parks, fisherman's day competitions, car quests, the annual Volna festival at the factory camp site "Severyanka".
Profession: Design Engineer

The history of the profession has its roots in ancient times. It was the designers who designed and calculated all the nuances in the construction of epochal structures, such as the tombs of the Pharaohs and the temples of ancient Greece. At that time, the name "engineer" was born, which in Latin means "able to invent."

With the development of technology and the emergence of such a process as the arms race, the need for specialist inventors has increased dramatically. In Russia, the first engineers appeared thanks to Tsar Peter I. He sent young and promising people to study abroad. As a result, the science of designing, modeling and creating blueprints appeared in our state.

A design engineer is a specialist who is responsible for carrying out design work in the field of design. His responsibilities include the development of projects, sketches, diagrams and drawings, textual technical documents, carrying out complex calculations for projects, analyzing the effectiveness of structures, maintaining working documentation. The design engineer takes part in testing, installation and commissioning works at the site, improving and modernizing the products being designed.

Design engineers, like real experts in the product they have created, often conduct business meetings with customers. Also, the design engineer carries out patent research, creates patents to protect intellectual property. The profession of a design engineer belongs to technical specialties and requires higher education.

Characteristic and personal qualities of a design engineer

Knowledge and application of all professional skills of a design engineer requires an analytic mindset from a specialist, and responsibility for the result of work requires heightened attentiveness.

When working on a project, a representative of this profession must be able to quickly switch from one type of activity to another, operate with large volumes of information.

To negotiate with customers, the design engineer must be sociable and have a competent speech. Also, the personal qualities of a design engineer should include diligence, accuracy, creativity and well-developed spatial imagination. Quite often it happens that the requirements for the project are rapidly changing, so stress resistance is another important quality of the designer.

From practice it is known that talented specialists in this field can be found among both men and women. 

Features of career growth

The career of a design engineer develops in stages with advanced training. Until science stops development, and humanity does not stop needing various technical devices, the profession of a design engineer will be very important and in demand. The level of wages will depend on the experience, quality and place of work of the specialist. According to the data for 2016, the salary of a design engineer at AO UGM is higher than the average salary of a design engineer in the Sverdlovsk Region.

Education Facilities

In such a large industrial city like Yekaterinburg, you can complete an engineering degree in several educational institutions:  the Ural Federal University (Ural Federal University), Ural State Forestry University (UGLTU), Russian State Vocational and Pedagogical University (RGPPU), Ural State Mining University (UGGU), Ural State University of Railway Transport (Ural State University of Railway Transport), Ural State Agrarian University (Ural State Transport University). The future design engineer in the school should be biased on such subjects as drawing, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Training in engineering can be completed in full-time or part-time. On average, you will have to study 4-6 years (with full-time study).

Universities, where students receive an education of engineers, are equipped with workshops and laboratories, which are equipped with special devices.

In laboratories and workshops, students can use theoretical knowledge in practice and take part in scientific research.

In the process of education, future specialists develop creative skills, spatial imagination, thinking, increase their level of intelligence, the ability to think constructively. When teaching students it is possible to master modern software CAD software - AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CorelDraw, NX, etc.

For all questions, please contact the Department of Personnel by phone: +7 (34374) 2-94-31, +7 (343) 742-95-07.

Resume for the specified vacancies send by email. Addresses: In the subject line, please indicate the name of the vacancy.


Attention! Potential candidates for vacant positions.

Personnel - the main resource component of any organization. In our Company, much attention is paid to the work with personnel, its development and advanced training.

The component of the success of the company JSC "UGM" - only highly qualified specialists. Worthy implementation of programs to solve strategic problems, improve technologies, introduce modern equipment became possible thanks to the responsibility and professionalism of the company's employees.

In the framework of the implementation of the program for the development of the potential of the employees of UGM JSC, training, certification and retraining of employees is carried out. At the core lies the concept of effective knowledge management, which in today's business environment is the most important productive resource and potential means of achieving competitive advantage.

The management of UGM JSC pays great attention to the thesis about the social responsibility of large businesses towards the population of the country, realizing their social responsibility in the form of social guarantees - stable and high wages, jobs, paying taxes, social programs (organizing events for veterans, orphans, disabled children).


In view of the increasing incidence of fraud, we inform:

1. There are NO intermediaries and representative offices of the enterprise in other cities.

2. Recruitment is carried out only at the location of the company in Sysert.

3. For all questions of employment you should contact the address and phone numbers listed on the official website of the company:

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