Corporate Culture

Work on the formation and maintenance of Corporate Culture at JSC "UGM" is conducted in the following areas: development of the internal communication system within the company, adaptation of young professionals, mentoring, development of employees' potential: training, individual development plan, improvement of the necessary working conditions, motivation programs, organization of corporate activities, engaging the Company's staff in training and participation, social work - taking care of veterans, honorary employees who have retired, working with children E employees, the organization of children's holiday, leisure.

For our company it is very important to form a team of energetic, creative, aspiring to the personal and professional growth of employees. Therefore, in addition to the development of competencies associated with the workflow, great importance is attached to the internal potential of the company's employees. To this end, many events are held throughout the year, in which there is an opportunity to show your abilities and talents, to expand, to discover something new for yourself. The purpose of such events is to create a competitive team, ready to make decisions in difficult situations, able to search for non-standard solutions, striving for victory. The result of participation is the development of warm relations within the company, responsibility, mutual respect for each other, trust, a common vision of a common goal.

Complementing each other, people create a single balanced team, in which everyone is doing what he can do best, and skill deficiencies are compensated by common efforts.


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