Educational Project

On October 6, a joint project of the enterprise and the specialized Yekaterinburg college "ET Automation"will start at the UGM.

Eleven workers from different industrial complexes entered the technical school this year for full-time and part-time on-the-job training. As part of the new educational project, teachers of the technical school will train factory workers in the direction of "CNC Operator".
The three-year course of the technical school is specially adapted for our company in such a way that the training program is completed within 12 months. So in a year, after passing the demonstration exam of the independent expert commission, each student will receive a state-issued diploma of secondary vocational education. According to the results of the training, the best graduates will become in-house technologists, the rest-operators-adjusters of CNC machines. A separate area of training will be the courses of the department of the chief technologist, as well as automation management, currently specialists are already developing their own program.

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