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Hydro Turbine for Uzbekistan

Uralgidromash supplies PL-20-V-220 rotary-blade hydraulic turbines to Uzbekistan. The equipment will be installed in the Samarkand region, at a small hydroelectric power station under construction on the Dargom Canal.

Two hydraulic turbines with a design head of 14.46 m, a flow rate of 26.6 m3/s, a capacity of at least 3.3 MW each, with a diameter of a working rotary-blade wheel of 2.2 m will be installed at the MSPP at the PK 102+00 picket, which is being built in the Urgut district of the Samarkand region, 32 km south-east of Samarkand. Its construction is due to the need to create a maneuverable power supply source to cover peak loads in the region of the unified electric power system of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the production of cheap and environmentally friendly electricity. The new MSPP is being built to " consistently increase the use of renewable energy sources, increase the balance of energy resources and ensure the most complete satisfaction of the needs of the sectors of the economy and the population of the republic in electric energy.


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