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The prestigious award of innovators

Four employees of UETM and UGM were awarded the L. Ya. Mekhontsev Prize – one of the most prestigious in the Urals in the field of innovation.

Certificates of honor from the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators were received by Alexey Vasilyevich Zmeev, a turner of the production complex of aluminum metal structures of JSC "Uralgidromash", Andrey Valeryevich Odnoshevin, a mechanic-toolmaker of the mechanical assembly section of the production complex of electric machines of JSC "Uralgidromash", Maxim Evgenyevich Ovchinnikov, a milling operator of the transformer production complex of LLC "Elmash (UETM)" and Maxim Valentinovich Garevskikh, a turner of the production complex of high-voltage equipment of LLC "Elmash (UETM)".

The award-winning employees are the pride of the enterprise, because it is on such workers that the production is based: responsible, curious, creative, who create the present and the future with the power of their thoughts and the skill of their hands. It is thanks to such workers that technologies are developing, electricity is supplied to houses, cars drive on the roads, planes fly in the sky. We are used to the benefits that surround us, and we never think about who their author is. And their creators are simple guys, hard workers, innovators who move production and strive to improve the life of humanity!

It is doubly pleasant that this prestigious innovation award is named after our employee – Leonid Yakovlevich Mekhontsev – an advanced worker, a tireless innovator, a universal turner of the Uralelectrotyazhmash plant. Hero of Socialist Labor, honored innovator of the RSFSR, his skill and talent were known far beyond the borders of the Soviet Union. Leonid Yakovlevich was also distinguished by his brilliant pedagogical talent, passing on his experience to young people around the world. On his lathe, he could turn out products that confused the mind: is it possible to do this manually!? It is possible-Leonid Yakovlevich proved and thousands of factory workers all over Russia prove it every day at their workplaces!

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