Delivery for Rosatom

Uralgidromash is implementing a project for the supply of a 48PrV-58x2 pump for JSC Siberian Chemical Combine. This pump was developed in 1951. Eight pumps were delivered to the plant, they were put into operation in 1953, the main ones are still working today. The equipment is designed to supply river water from the Tom River to the plant's technical water supply system.
The design of this pump differs from modern serial pumps manufactured at JSC "UGM". The pump is a two-stage pump with two axial rotary-blade impellers, all the pump body parts consist of two halves (have a vertical connector), which is one of the design features of the pump and requires more precise processing of the mating parts. To turn the blades of the impellers, it was decided to use a modern unified hydraulic drive. The pump has three sliding guide bearings and one intermediate bearing. The total height of the pump is 16 meters.

JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" is an enterprise that unites four plants for the treatment of nuclear materials. One of the main areas of work is to meet the needs of nuclear power plants in uranium for nuclear fuel. Since 2010, it has been a part of the fuel company "TVEL" of the state corporation "Rosatom".

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