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Modernization of the Ezminskaya HPP

UGM participates in the modernization of the Ezminskaya HPP in North Ossetia. In particular, Uralgidromash will produce three radial-axial hydraulic turbines. The updated hydraulic power equipment of the Ezminskaya HPP will be distinguished by high efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The Ezminskaya HPP – the second most powerful power plant in North Ossetia, was put into operation in 1954. Its equipment has reached a high degree of wear, and therefore, as part of the comprehensive modernization program, RusHydro has decided to completely upgrade the station. Within a few years, all the equipment of the station will be replaced: hydro-power, hydro-mechanical, electrical, crane. Hydraulic structures will be overhauled and strengthened. As a result of the modernization, the station's capacity will increase by 30% – from 45 MW to 58.5 MW.

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