New Impeller

UGM will develop a new impeller for the Pavlodolskaya hydroelectric power station, it will become the second in the modern history of the customer and will replace another one-installed in the 60s.

The UGM production equipment at the Pavlodolskaya HPP was installed in 1961. It has been working reliably for more than 40 years. During the entire period of operation, only once did the impellers undergo major repairs: in 1986, the wheel blades, which had served for almost 30 years, were completely replaced.

In 2006, the HPP began to modernize the equipment and ordered a new wheel from UGM, which became a kind of challenge for the plant – the customer demanded improved characteristics, due to which the capacity would increase. To this end, in October 2006, JSC "UGM" and the State University of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University signed an agreement for the development and calculation of a new impeller. The work was carried out under the supervision of Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor G. I. Topazh. The specialists faced the task: to design a new impeller that provides an increase in power and better hydraulic performance of propeller hydraulic turbines compared to the Pr245 impeller installed at this HPP. During the reconstruction of the Pavlodolskaya HPP, it was supposed to preserve the geometry of all other elements of the flow part (except for the impeller) and the design of the hydraulic turbine.

In 2007, the impeller was manufactured and shipped to the station. However, it was installed only in March 2016 – at the HA No. 1 of the Pavlodolskaya HPP. During the period of operation for 1.5 years, the declared parameters of the impeller have been confirmed – this means that the equipment is completely satisfied with the customer. The HPP plans to increase the resource of the new wheel, and therefore the blades will be upgraded.

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