Pumping Unit for Azerbaijan

The first newly manufactured pumping unit for the pumping station of the 2nd lift of the Shamkir reclamation channel of Azerbaijan Land Reclamation and Water Management is preparing for shipment.

The new pumping unit consists of a centrifugal vertical pump 1200V-6.3 / 63, a synchronous electric motor VDS2-325 / 49-16UHL4 manufactured by UGM JSC, an excitation system ST-SNZ-150 / 400UHL4 and a matching transformer TSZP-160/10 UHL4 manufactured by JSC UETM. " At pumping stations of the 1st and 2nd elevations, our pumping units manufactured in 1991 are already operating. They positively proved themselves in work. New pumping units have been completely redesigned and modernized in accordance with modern requirements for the operation of pumping stations.
The equipment customer provides public services in the field of land reclamation and water management, provides water to relevant sectors of the economy, organizes the operation of state-owned land reclamation and irrigation systems, exercises state control over the use and protection of water resources, removes salt water from reclaimed land, and takes measures to protect from floods and flood waters.

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