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Equipment for Sormovskaya CHP

For the technical re-equipment of the onshore pumping station of the Sormovskaya CHPP Uralgidromash supplied the pump unit 96ДВ-4.5 / 23К-I.
As part of the reconstruction of the coastal station, it was planned to replace the 130DPV-8 / 23K pump with pumps of lower capacity with installation on old foundations, on the basis of which the 96DV-4.5 / 23K-I pump was developed. The main task was to make it as close as possible to the 96DV-4.5 / 23K pump mastered in production. During the design of the parts of the pump were replaced by a diffuser and shaft. The diffuser was designed in such a way that the pump without problems got into the existing cell of the pumping station both in elevation and in the legs. 
Uralgidromash also supplied the engine VAN-143 / 51-12 for the Sormovskaya CHP. 

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