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Pump Unit for EvrazHolding TK

The specialists of Uralgidromash have manufactured a pump unit for the EvrazHolding TK company as part of the 800V-2.5 / 100-PM pump and the SDV2-215 / 49-10 engine. Currently the equipment is being prepared for shipment.
Five pumps manufactured by Uralgidromash were installed at the recycling water supply station of the Kachkanarsky GOK, part of the EvrazHolding structure, and the equipment has been used since the 70s of the last century. Now the company is carrying out planned modernization of the units. The supplied 800V-2.5 / 100-PM pump delivers 2.5 cubic meters of water per second to a height of 100 meters. It was made in the shortest possible time - less than half a year passed from the beginning of the project to its implementation in hardware. Its main feature is dictated by customer requirements: the layout of the pump must be such that the engine is driven through a flexible coupling, which was realized. The classic design requires the involvement of highly qualified personnel of installation organizations, the new design will reduce customer costs for installation.

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