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Equipment for the Moscow Canal

Uralgidromash shipped the first batch of assemblies and parts of the OPV-34 / 9VG pump for the Moscow Canal. The second batch is currently shipping.. 

The pump OPV-34 / 9VG belongs to a large class of pumps, shipped in parts (disassembled) in three stages. The diameter of its impeller is 2.55 m. In 1 second, the pump can pump from 24 to 36 cubic meters of water! 

The structure of the pumping unit also includes a 2SGDV 335-4000 / 3550-28 electric motor-generator, the overall units of which were also shipped. The first pump OPV 34 / 9VG for the Moscow canal was made in 1988. A total of 24 pumps were produced. 

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