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Pumps for the Volga-Don ship canal

Uralgidromash has entered into an agreement for the supply of a 2200-15 / 23 centrifugal pump intended for installation at one of the Volga-Don water canals. 

This pump will be the fifth as part of a comprehensive reconstruction of the second stage of the canal, which is being held for the first time since its construction in 1952.

At present, a complete reconstruction of the energy sector of pumping stations, including 110/10 kV substations, has begun.

Earlier for Volgodon "Uralgidromash" put four pumping units, two pumps: axial and centrifugal - are already in operation.

Hydro unit consists of stations of three lifts. The station of the first lift is technically fully re-equipped, there are three axial pumps OPV15 / 11 delivered, to date, one of them has been mounted, the second is in the process of installation and installation, the third is undergoing inlet control.

A pumping unit was shipped to the second lift station as part of a 2200-15 / 23 pump and a VDS2-325 / 49-24UHL4 motor. The equipment is installed and is already running. Now ordered a second machine, the production of which proceeded PC pumps and electric machines. As for the third lift station, now the technical specifications for the equipment supply are being coordinated.

Accordingly, the design engineers of the OGK hydraulic machines will have a new task to study and solve.

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