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Chinese Delegation Visits the Production Site of Uralgidromash

The production site of Uralgidromash was visited by the Chinese delegation headed by the mayor of Jiamusi city Yu Junfei. As part of business cooperation with the Government of the Sverdlovsk region, Chinese officials expressed a desire to inspect the production sites of UGM. According to the delegation, Uralgidromash has unique achievements and a high level of technical equipment, which gives the right to consider the company as a potential supplier of equipment for new facilities in the region, in which, like in the whole country, there is a construction boom. Jiamusi District is bordered by the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Khabarovsk Territory. At present, the authorities of the border areas are conducting joint Russian-Chinese projects in the field of agriculture, wood processing, and the extraction of mineral resources. In addition, construction of a railway bridge over the Amur River began in July this year, it will connect Russia and China near the Nizhneleninskoe village.

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