Centrifugal Vertical Pumps Type B

Vertical centrifugal pumps have a wide range of applications. They are used for irrigation systems, for water supply of settlements, industrial enterprises and in other sectors of the economy.
Type B pumps are available in 14 sizes.
The operating range of type B pumps is as follows: flow rate from 2500 to 90000 m3 / h and head from 22 to 100 m. To ensure the required head and flow rate, type B pumps are supplied in various sizes with different undercutting of impellers and different speeds.
The drive of vertical centrifugal pumps of type B is an electric motor. Pump and motor mounted on separate foundations. 
The main version of the pumps - with a slide bearing on a water lubricant. Structurally, pumps can be made with oil lubricated bearings.
Pumps 1600ВР-10/40, 2000ВР-16/63-А, 2400ВР-25/25 have a guiding device installed at the entrance to the impeller, which is used to regulate the water supply. The drive of the guide vane - electromechanical. 
You will find more information on type B pumps, their design, technical characteristics and components of electric motors in the Pumps and Water Turbines product catalog and can get advice from the company's specialists.

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