The main purpose of submersible electric pumps is to work in land reclamation and energy systems.
OPV type pumps are designed for installation under water in the following ways:

  • OPV 2500-4,2 - obliquely on rails and hinged;
  • OPV 19000-15 and OPV 20000-12 - horizontally in vertical guides and on rinks.

Electric pumps are a monoblock consisting of an electric motor and a pump part. Special asynchronous electric motor is located in a sealed capsule with excess pressure. 
Impeller with rigid blades. The shaft exit from the motor capsule is sealed with a double mechanical seal.
The electric pump OPV 2500-4,2 is completed with a control cabinet, allowing to automate the operation of the electric pump.
You can find more information about submersible pumps of the OPV type, their design, technical characteristics and components of electric motors in the “Pumps and hydraulic turbines” product catalog and can receive advice from the company's specialists.

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