The company is one of the largest Russian developers and manufacturers of large electric machines.

Uralgidromash Joint-Stock Company is the sole legal owner of the design and technological documentation of the former JSC Uralelectrotyazhmash on the subject of electrical machines. The company has valid licenses for the design and manufacture of equipment for nuclear power plants.

 Electric machines are available for objects:

• Power;

• Pumping stations, irrigation systems, water utilities and sewage;

• Metallurgy;

• Oil and gas and mining industry;

• Sea, rail and road transport

Possessing qualified research, design and technological personnel, modern technological and testing equipment, production areas, Uralgidromash Joint-Stock Company develops and supplies electric machines and hydrogenerators in a wide range of capacities, versions and rotational frequencies, including:

  • Vertical synchronous motors with power from 1000 to 12500 kW;
  • Horizontal synchronous motors and generators with power from 400 to 5000 kW;
  • Hydrogenerators for individual orders, including hydrogenerators for small hydropower plants with capacity from 250 to 18,000 kW.
  • 10 MW turbine generators;
  • Vertical induction motors with power from 315 to 8000 kW;
  • Motors and DC generators with power from 85 to 1250 kW;

Electric machines can be made for other parameters according to individual customer requirements.

Delivered products have high reliability, assembly and setup readiness. All products are tested at the factory stand.

Horizontal and vertical electrical machines are performed in a protected and closed versions with the degree of protection IP21, IP23, IP43, IP44, IP55. They can be seismic resistant, explosion-proof, as well as versions for use in areas with cold, temperate and tropical climates.

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