Reservoir oil vertical support type NPV

Vertical type oil retaining oil springs (NPV-M) are designed to supply oil and petroleum products in trunk pipeline systems and provide the necessary backwater before main pumps, as well as for technological transfer at pumping station facilities.
NPS pumps are used for completion and repair, NPS-M pumps are pumps with improved energy performance.
Oil pumps are presented in 4 sizes.
Working range of pumps type NPV (NPV-M): delivery from 1250 to 5000 m3 / h and head from 60 to 120 m in nominal mode. 
A vertical asynchronous explosion-proof electric motor is used as a drive for oil pumps. One of the couplings is used to connect the shafts of the motor pump: plate, sleeve-pin or gear.
Pumps NPV (NPV-M) have three designs: the main, shortened and with a detachable rotor.
The pump consists of a glass and a removable part. The inlet and discharge nozzles of the pumps NPV (NPV-M) are located horizontally and directed in different directions.Seal of the rotor - face type, providing sealing of the pump shaft.
The pump has various versions of bearing support: bearings, lubricated by the pumped medium and rolling, lubricated by liquid or grease lubrication.
You will find more detailed information about pumps of type NPV (NPV-M), their design, technical characteristics and components of electric motors in the “Pumps and hydro-turbines” product catalog and can receive advice from specialists of the enterprise.

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